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How To Remember To Take Your Vitamins – 5 Easy Hacks

So, you need a little help to get back on track with your vitamins? Long gone are the days when your mom reminded you by putting out a single vitamin for you. We know, adulthood is full of obligations. But don’t worry, we got you. Here is the exact system we used to build a consistent habit of taking our supplements every day. It has helped many of our friends to build healthy habits and stick to it.

#1 Keep your vitamins in plain sight

Remember the old saying  “out of sight, out of mind”? Try keeping your vitamin bottles where you can see them: On your nightstand, on the kitchen counter, or even on your desk, instead of hidden away in your cupboard.

#2 Try habit stacking

Build new habits by taking advantage of old ones. For instance, why don’t you combine your nightly routines with taking your vitamins? Like when you brush your teeth, you also make sure to take your vitamins. We take most of our daily vitamins together with lunch, which is great as most vitamins and minerals benefit from taking together with food.

#3 Find an accountability partner

Take help from a friend to keep your commitment. Or why don’t ask mom to help out again? Since we moved in with each other, we have reminded each other daily to take our vitamins.

#4 Create a habit tracker

This is a simple method to measure if you did your habits or not. We use a monthly tracker in excel with “taking your supplements” as one of the items to tick off daily.

#5 Use a pill organizer

They tend to be an eyesore, but trust us, they are great for keeping track of your daily vitamins. We fill up ours on Sundays, and feel very grown up for setting ourselves up for success for the week to come!

Remember, it is normal to fall out of healthy habits now and then. But with supplements, consistency is key! We hope you find these tricks helpful. We would love to hear from you if there is anything else we can do for you. Shoot us an email, we reply to every single one.

Talk soon, 
Anna & Oskar

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