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Sustainability Policy

Ceiba Tree was born from the love of human beings and the passion to bring healthy habits to the people. For us, a healthy planet is crucial for humanity to thrive.

We believe in the healing power of nature, but for Mother Earth to serve us, we need to treat her with care.

It is our promise to consciously and continuously work with sustainability in all areas of our organization. Every decision we make is guided by our high standards of doing good for the people and the planet. This includes our approach to packaging, production, people, and partnerships. It is our promise to offer high-performing products that are good for you, without compromising on the environment.

Our packaging: Our glass bottles can be reused as many times as needed. Using glass, we lengthen every product’s lifecycle, minimizing the risk that products end up in landfills and eventually in the ocean. We strongly believe that circularity and longevity is the future, and lengthening the life span of each of our packs is a first step towards that goal. We have decided to also offer recyclable refill packs so we don’t have to ship heavier glass bottles with every order.

Our ingredients: Our original formulations are born at the intersection of farms and labs, featuring clean and natural ingredients. For us, only the best ingredients are good enough to put in the body, so we adopt an even higher standard than conventional brands and applicable regulations.

Our shipping: Our aim is to make our shipments more carbon efficient, starting with offering lighter refill pouches. We are also currently investigating which logistic service providers offer the best shipping solutions from a sustainability perspective.

Our production: Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in the UK, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The factory is one of the most environmentally-friendly manufacturing facilities in Europe, and one example of this is the commitment that all of the packaging is made of fully recyclable materials from recycled sources. The facilities are also run on 100% green energy, meaning that every Ceiba Tree capsule has been made with clean, renewable energy.

Our partnerships: We take our partnerships very seriously, and we always do thorough due diligence on the companies we partner with, from how they treat their people to their carbon footprint, and we pride ourselves in challenging them to do better for the planet and the people, as well as following their lead and take on advice on how we can improve together.

As sustainability continues to evolve, we will continue to do so as well and would love for you to take part in this journey. Please send an email to care@ceibatree.com if you have ideas on how we can improve – we read every single email.

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