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Ceiba Tree Sleep & Recovery Subscription

Introducing Sleep & Recovery


Our premium supplement blend holds the key to restful nights and energized days.

- No fillers or additives.
- 6 adaptogens in one capsule.
- Designed for maximum absorption of the body.

Our unique blend of six adaptogens, essential vitamins, and minerals work together to provide optimal support for your body’s rest and recovery needs. Ideal for individuals who work long hours in the office, athletes, and those struggling with sleep and fatigue. Improve your sleep today!

Try it now and feel the difference. Always free shipping and 30 day free trial.


"Some of the best supplements money can buy"

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Meet the founders

With Ceiba Tree, we aim to revolutionize the supplements industry.

We aim to help you raise the standards of what you put in your body, the quality you will accept, and the results you can expect.

We honor your decision to work on your health. We don’t take your trust for granted and would not let you down with the cheap and ugly products that characterize the market.

For us, only the best ingredients are good enough to put in the body, so we adopt an even higher standard than conventional brands and applicable regulations. We don’t have any fillers or additives in our products and all our products are designed for maximum absorption for the body, all to ensure optimal results.

Join our movement towards a better you. Ceiba Tree doesn't settle for anything less than top-notch quality – and neither should you
Founders Ceiba Tree

What our customers say

I’ve been struggling with sleep for years, and I was really suffering the effects of my lack of sleep. But since I started taking Sleep & Recovery, I have noticed a huge improvement in my sleep. I fall asleep easier, and I’m not lying awake and ruminating ... I can confidently say that my energy levels have been more stable, and I feel much calmer and relaxed as am able to sleep properly now.
I’ve been using melatonin for years with it only working sometimes. However, everytime I use Ceiba Tree I sleep like a log(pun intended)!

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