No fillers. No additives.
Only high-quality, active ingredients. As it should be.
Traditional supplements are often filled with unnecessary fillers, bulking agents sweeteners and sugar.
Making you pay for stuff your body doesn't need.
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Outstanding ingredient list
Designed for maximum absorption for the body. We leave nothing to chance.
We honor your decision to work on your health.
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Five adaptogens. One capsule.
With our product Sleep & Recovery, you get a blend of five adaptogens and more.
Which is unheard of in an industry that otherwise relies on cheap, low-quality ingredients.
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Ceiba Tree Sleep & Recovery Subscription

Introducing Sleep & Recovery

Buying supplements is a jungle?

Not anymore!

At Ceiba Tree, we are redefining supplements. We are raising the standards of what you can put in your body, the quality you will accept, and the results you can expect.

Free Delivery & Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

Free worldwide shipping

Vegan friendly

Made with 100% renewable energy

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What our customers say

I’ve been struggling with sleep for years, and I was really suffering the effects of my lack of sleep. But since I started taking Sleep & Recovery, I have noticed a huge improvement in my sleep. I fall asleep easier, and I’m not lying awake and ruminating ... I can confidently say that my energy levels have been more stable, and I feel much calmer and relaxed as am able to sleep properly now.
I’ve been using melatonin for years with it only working sometimes. However, everytime I use Ceiba Tree I sleep like a log(pun intended)!

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